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Manz Soluciones On-Off

Manz Solutions On / Off is a startup dedicated to building and renovating the presence and digital image of our clients.We measure and analyze the scope and impact of each offer different solutions and web design, usability and user experience, combining all the creative possibilities offered by new technologies.

Green Trip Canarias

Rental of electric vehicles Tuk Tuk in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Los Pioneros

Primer libro de la serie de la historia del vehículo eléctrico.¡Puedes comprarlo ya Aquí!

V. Christian Manz

V. Christian ManzAll kind of contents for websides, magazines, books and others. Text, photos and images.


Japanese manufacturer of hybrid cars and hydrogen


Empresa ubicada en Guipuzkoa fabricante de autobuses y autocares. Actualmente ofrece una versión totalmente eléctrica de muy buenas prestaciones, que le ha servido para obtener el premio nacional del medio ambiente.

Emov Madrid

Rental company of electric vehicles in Madrid, Spain


Spanish company that distributes almost all brands of electric bicycles in Spain

Brost Bikes

Spanish company that manufactures and distributes urban folding electric bicycles.

Zero Motorcycles

American manufacter of electric motocycles, with the European Office in the Netherlands, It is one of the most growing motorcycle companies in recent years.

GEM Motors

Slovenian company manufacturer of electric motors that are incorporated into the wheels designed for…

Adaptive City Mobility

German company manufacturer of an electric car City eTaxi…

Luxury Mobility

American company manufacturer of an electric sedan.…

Lion Buses

Canadian company specializing in the manufacture of buses. It has an electric version.…

Belenos Clean Power

Swiss manufacturer of batteries for electric vehicles…

Elektra Cars

Swiss manufacturer of an electric sedan.…


Spanish distributor of Crosco electric scooters…


International company that intends to manufacture electric vehicles…


German manufacturer of batteries for electric vehicles.…

Magna Stevr

Magna is an international company focused on innovation. They have developed a hydrogen van.…


Swiss company manufacturer of a small electric vehicle…


Project of a new city car to be built in a completely automatic plant in Sweden. The company likes…

Adveo Electric Kart Engineering

Spanish company manufacturer of electric karts. Exclusive dealer of SpeedoMax electric Karts.…

Genovation Cars

American company that transforms sports into electric. Get a speed record with the transformation of…
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