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The website PrestigeElectricCar was founded in 2011 by V. Christian Manz, journalist and historian, who has a long professional career by the most renowned Spanish and international car magazines. He wons several journalism awards. PrestigeElectricCar presents the culture of mobility, that can not be maintained in individualism without respecting the neighbor and the planet's resources. On this site we present the electric, hybrid and environmentally friendly vehicles from its history to present, but we specially give an emphasis to History.

It is the seventh and final attempt to introduce electric vehicles in bulk in all markets of the world, the monopoly of fuel is over, it's time to share the many existing and the still undiscovered energy sources for a better future. "The culture of mobility" implies a great responsibility towards the environment and respect for others and all beings on the planet.

Any company that shares these concepts should be present in and, for what we will offer spaces for banners and advertising.
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